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“The process of becoming is better than being. Set big goals and learn to love the work that gets you to them”

– Des Linden

Online Running Coaching

Whatever your goal, from 5k up to ultra marathons, coaching can give you the edge, help you train smarter and reach your potential.  I coach all levels of runner from complete beginners to experienced runners.  Whatever your experience, coaching can really help you improve your running and reach your goals.

I have over 20 years of experience as a competitive runner and over 8 years of experience coaching runners.  I have personal and coaching experience in shorter road events, cross country, marathons and ultras.

Coaching is so much more than just a training plan.  The coaching that I offer is completely customised to you and designed to help you balance your training and other life commitments.

Having a coach gives you structure, acountability and ensures that your training is progressive and working towards your individual goals.  You also have somebody on hand to guide and support you whenever you need it and make real time adjustments to your plan as required.

I offer a professional service with a personal touch and use my knowledge and expertise to provide coaching that will give you confidence that you are doing the right training to achieve your goals.

The coaching is very much a two-way process and in order to be successful, communication between coach and athlete is vital. I encourage everyone that I coach to feedback to me regularly and contact me if they have any problems or questions. All my coaching plans include unlimited contact and support with regular video calls.

Click Here to book a free no obligation consultation or Click Here to complete my online coaching questionnaire.

Online Running Coaching Packages

What is included in all my online coaching plans?

  • Free initial consultation via video call
  • Bespoke interactive training plan delivered on the Training Peaks App
  • A Structured, progressive training plan tailored to you and your goals
  • Unlimited contact via email and WhatsApp for any questions or problems you have
  • Plans reviewed and updated weekly with daily adjustments as required
  • Monthly video call to check in and feedback on your training
  • Cross Training and Strength & Conditioning sessions as required

Click Here to complete my coaching questionnaire and I will contact you to arrange a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be fast to have a running coach?

Absolutely not.  Running coaching can benefit you no matter what your speed or level of running experience.

Do I need a specific goal race?

I think it is useful to have a goal race to work towards but its not essential especially if you are new to running or coming back from time off.

How quickly can I expect to see improvements?

Consistency over time is key to improving your running.  Although it’s not unusual to see improvements within a few months, it’s important to trust the process.

How long do I have to sign up for?

I offer packages ranging from 1 months commitment through to 1 year.  To get the most from the coaching, I find a minimum of six months is best.

What happens if I sign up for a year but am unable to run due to unforeseen circumstances?

Your coaching can be paused or put on hold until you are able to resume.

I’m unsure if coaching is right for me?

Book a free consultation and we can discuss whether the coaching is right for you.  You are under no obligation to sign up if you book a call.



I’ve been Coached by Liz for 5 months now, I’ve gone from just turning up at races and winging them to running 260km a month. Every goal we set, I beat and it makes all the hard work worth while. I would highly recommend Liz!

- Matt Evans

“I have been following Liz’s plans for the past year and have achieved a PB in every race distance.  Without Liz I wouldn’t have been as consistent and probably would have given up on running. She is always there to offer advice and pick you up when you are down. I have never felt as healthy and this is all down to my training. I will be sticking to Liz’s plan for the foreseeable future. I still have to crack the sub 3 hour marathon and achieve an ultra  

Thank you Liz for all your continued support and for putting up with all my moaning. I do secretly love running honest.”

- Jemma Whyman

Since starting my journey with Liz I have smashed my PB’s in every distance, including a 21 minute PB in the marathon! I went from an injured runner to completing my first ultra race in less than 3 months. Putting the race times and PB’s aside, I have grown in confidence as a person from my months of consistent training. I always have plenty of questions for Liz, some which I feel silly for asking but Liz is always there to answer them and give me the support I need without judgement. I couldn’t be happier being trained my Liz!

- Jordan Gilbert

I have been coached by Liz for nineteen months and I can’t recommend her enough. She has helped me to increase my confidence by tailoring my sessions weekly to compensate for at times injuries/ niggles from my hyper mobility. She is always available by message and zoom calls are brilliant to help with focus and reflection on progress. I have seen increases in pacing and race placing that I have never achieved. Liz’s coaching has helped me incredibly with planning for and prep leading up to races. As a result I am planning for races that I never would have thought possible but now with Liz’s help feel are within my reach. Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.

- Emma Richmond

Liz is the best coach that I have ever had. I have been with her for 5 years now and have only reached PB after PB in all my races. She tailors my running program to my needs and is incredibly knowledgeable with regards to what I need and how I need to train each week. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a highly experienced coach with a brilliant work ethic. 🙂

- Antel Muller

I’ve really enjoyed the support and encouragement from Liz.
Over the last year Liz has coached me to a new pb at 5km and 10km which, considering I’m a seasoned runner in my 40s, is something else.
I think what puts Liz above other coaches is the genuine interest she shows in what I am doing, always remembering what races I’ve entered and also any injury problems I have. She has adapted my plan to suit my lifestyle and needs and nothing seems too much trouble.
I certainly feel that I am more than just a number and I believe it’s that personal touch that makes her better than the rest.
A good coach should encourage and inspire and she does this in a very natural way.
I would highly recommend anyone thinking about run coaching to contact Liz.

Sally Smith

Liz is an incredible coach 🙌
I started with Liz in 2019 8 weeks PP from my 4th baby with the intention to run the London Marathon…I could barely run 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, I’ve never completed the marathon though my own choice but 2021 saw me take podium positions in harder mid distance trail races and personal bests all round, not just by a few minutes, I’m talking over 30 minutes off my trail 10 mile time.
Not only does Liz give you a foolproof plan, she’s also super supportive and understands my busy mum life, swapping things at short notice and it’s never a problem.
A supportive, understanding coach is an essential to me before results, and Liz is that coach…oh and she gets the results too 👊

Carly Evans

Liz has been coaching me since November and the whole experience has been fantastic. Liz is professional, knowledgeable and incredibly approachable. I have noticed a huge difference with following a structured and progressive programme. I have hugely valued the extra advice on fueling, kit and pacing ahead of my first ultra. Thanks Liz, I feel in very safe hands! 🙂

Sophie Tabor

Liz has been fantastic for my running. Coming back from a frightening experience I needed someone who understood I needed to retrain slowly but with confidence. I love waking up each day with an email telling me exactly what training is in store and that it syncs to my watch. The accountability means I go out and get it done knowing that I have hit key target sessions. Even the sessions I dread I end up enjoying – try saying that on your 5th hill repeat- but I honestly do even at the time of doing them. She is at the end of a What’s App for any concerns or questions and offers regular training calls if needed. Let her coach you, you won’t regret it

Georgina Frowde

Worth every penny! I’ve been coached by Liz for almost 6 months now and really love the support – with a custom training plan to fit around busy work and family life, but also with simply great listening and advice via messaging, phone and email! Overcoming some unavoidable niggles and colds, with Liz’ help, I’m pleased to have progressed and to have banked several PBs in a short period of time.

Magdalena Schoerner

I have now had liz as a running coach for just over a year and honestly never thought I would ever get the results that I’m starting to see whether is half/full marathon PB’s or 100 mile races Liz is the right coach. I was worried that I would just get a running programme and off I go but my experience has been much more personal, everybody is different some people like a lot of interaction and some not so much liz has a great balance and can not recommend her coaching enough.

Ali Curtis

I’ve been coached by Liz since the beginning of 2022 and only have great things to say; within the first 6 weeks I’d already achieved a new sub 20 PB in a 5K race and I’m confident that we’ll continue to chip away at my times as the year progresses. I’ve always been really impressed by how Liz listens to the type of runner I am (low mileage) and adapts my training to make the most from that – she also, quite rightly, points out when I might be over committing in terms of back to back races which is exactly what I wanted from a coach. It takes a lot for me to sit back and allow somebody else to plan my training for me (I’m a type-A control freak) but I feel really comfortable with Liz doing this and trust her expertise entirely.

Victoria Stears

Liz has continued to be very personable and professional from the start. From our initial consultation with her about our plans to run a 50 mile ultra in middle age, throughout our training.
She has crafted our training programmes to suit our goals, lifestyles and abilities. With regular chats, if needed, she has reassured us, answered questions about fueling, fitness, aches and pains, all sorts.
The software Liz uses is very convenient, with videos to show us whenever we want the exercises she has for us. This is great as it doesn’t matter if you’re home late from work, it is always to hand. I can also see what she has in store for the next week!
Having the accountability was one thing I initially thought I needed to have, but not now. I’m in the flow of training. I know she is there analysing the data and reading my comments. I know she isn’t giving me something I cannot do, which would demoralise me. The increase in training has been steady and not a shock to my body or brain.
I’m actually enjoying training, which I did not think I would ever say!
I have never felt that, although not your archetypal athlete (in my mind), that I wasn’t worth giving time, effort and sound advise to.

Denise Smith

If you are after a no-nonsense running plan that works then Liz is the perfect coach. She is extremely accessible, methodical and her coaching plans coupled with regular review sessions has made a tremendous difference to my running confidence.

Subhash Agarwalla

Fantastic training sessions that push me in a way that I can handle (with hard work!) and I would never plan myself. Seeing progress already, running fastest times in over two years – not bad now I’m in my early 50s!!

Steve Ansell

Liz Weeks Running Specialist

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