Liz running specialist

In my opinion, one of the most important elements that makes a successful runner is consistency in training.  It’s true that you become good at the things you do often.  To become good at running, you need to optimise your form, economy and aerobic development.  Consistent practice over time leads to these physiological and neurological adaptations.

It takes time to build a strong aerobic base of fitness and the best way to do this is gradually and consistently over time.  When you run inconsistently, you are always adding a bit of fitness to the bank then taking it back out again and you never make any significant progress.


It also takes time to build a strong resilient body.  Consistent running over time ensures that your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones adapt and become strong.  Having large fluctuations in training or too much too soon is one of the biggest causes of injury.


Running with good form is also something that develops over time through consistent practice.  The repetition of good movement patterns leads to the neurological adaptations required to run fluidly and develop economical movement.


Running consistently doesn’t necessarily mean running more, it just means committing to plan and building it slowly week in week out.


If you need help with a plan, consider getting a coach to help you.

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