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One run can change your day, many runs can change your life

– Unknown

Learn to Run Course

Beginners running course

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: £10/week


If you want to start running but don’t know where to start, then this beginners running course is for you.

Join me on this interactive course and I will teach you everything you need to know to go from zero to 5k in 8 weeks.

Next course starting May 2023

Liz is an incredible coach 🙌
I started with Liz in 2019 8 weeks PP from my 4th baby with the intention to run the London Marathon…I could barely run 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, I’ve never completed the marathon though my own choice but 2021 saw me take podium positions in harder mid distance trail races and personal bests all round, not just by a few minutes, I’m talking over 30 minutes off my trail 10 mile time.
Not only does Liz give you a foolproof plan, she’s also super supportive and understands my busy mum life, swapping things at short notice and it’s never a problem.
A supportive, understanding coach is an essential to me before results, and Liz is that coach…oh and she gets the results too 👊


Take the guess work out of learning to run.  I will teach you everything you need to know from choosing the right trainers, breathing techniques, preventing injuries, running technique, nutrition and recovery.

This is aimed at complete beginners so don’t worry if you’ve never run before.  A basic level of fitness, being able to walk briskly for 45 mins, is the only requirement.

If you’d like a chat with me to help you decide if this course is right for you, you can book a call with me here.

Whats Included?

* A progressive running plan following the tried and tested couch to 5k program

* Weekly webinar and Q&A sessions covering topics including breathing, pacing, gear, running technique, Strength & conditioning, recovery, nutrition and mindset

* Weekly video based strength and mobility sessions

* Coached warm ups and cool downs

* Access to a private Facebook group for support and accountability

* Access to me, your coach, for the duration of the course to provide support and advice


If you can currently walk briskly for 45-60 mins, then this course should be suitable for you.  No previous running experience is required.

I started my coaching with Liz in November ‘22 still recovering from an injury. I like to have a running coach to guide me, to help me set realistic goals & to encourage progress. I felt from the outset that Liz was the right coach for me as she listened to my fitness/injury concerns & adapted my training plan so that I could recover properly & slowly get back into doing what I love, running. It’s good to catch up over video call to give & receive feedback. I’m enjoying my running again which is so important to me.
I highly recommend Liz & her coaching.


Course Content

Each week you will have 3 running based sessions to complete which will progressively build you up from running 1 minute intervals to 5k at the end of the 8 weeks.

The running sessions will follow the Couch to 5k plan which can be downloaded as an app on to your smart phone.

Each week you will be provided with video based pre run warm ups and a post run stretching routine.  You will also be provided with a progressive video based strength program to build the necessary strength for running and to help prevent injuries.  All the exercises are explained and demonstrated to ensure you know how to perform them correctly.

Weekly Webinars

Each week, I will host a live zoom meeting covering different topics related to running.  At the end of each meeting, there will be the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have.  The meetings will be recorded incase you can’t make the live.

Webinar topics

Week 1: Introduction to the course and getting started

Week 2: Gear and shoes.  Covering topics such as choosing the right trainers

Week 3: Breathing.  A discussion on breathing techniques for running

Week 4: Strength and conditioning, mobility and stretching for runners

Week 5: Running technique

Week 6: Recovery and injury prevention

Week 7: Developing a positive mindset for running and dealing with setbacks

Week 8: Where to next?  How to progress your running once you reach 5k

Throughout the course, you will have access to a Facebook group for support and accountability plus access to myself for any personal help or guidance you need.



“Had a gait analysis session yesterday with Liz. My running pattern ticks the boxes for increased injury, hence a pulled hamstring! 

I now have the advice I need to help me change my gait for some efficient injury free running. Here’s to a speedy 2021. So if you’re suffering persistent running niggles this is well worth doing! 

Thanks Liz.”

- Jenny Howland

“I have just finished a 6 week running techniques course with Liz, and I was actually amazed at the difference in the way I run within such a short time. I Would definitely recommend Liz for some coaching…I for sure will be continuing to work with Liz to see what else I can learn. Thank you again!”

- Carly Crust

“Awesome work from Liz helping me with my running form over the last like 6 weeks. I used to run like I was on a tight rope, always clipping my own feet and legs, upper body throwing me off.  Liz has helped me tremendously virtually eliminate my crossover gait, reducing my hip drop and stopping my arms swinging across throwing me off.  Recently my runs have felt a lot more comfortable, even on the hills driving more with my legs.”

- Alec Martin

“Thank you so much Liz. You have been brilliant and very patient! Looking forward to continuing my training!”

- Julie Manning

“Have just completed 6 weeks of 1:1 training with Liz to improve my running techniques. Wasn’t sure what to expect or how it would change my running but am very impressed with the advice and support she has provided me throughout. From warm up exercises, stretching, co-ordination and techniques of running, it has all come together to make me lighter, faster and more comfortable on my feet. I cannot thank you enough for the quality of the instruction, support and advice that you have provided over the course and the results that I have achieved as a result. 

Thoroughly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their technique, feel better, stronger and/or faster when running. Still putting into practice what I have learnt but am already seeing great results!”

- Mick Diddams

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