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Never limit where running can take you. I mean that geographically, spiritually, and of course, physically.” 

– Bart Yasso

Coached Running Sessions

Running Technique Coaching

Improve your running performance and reduce your risk of injury with personalised running technique coaching.  I am a certified running technique specialist and offer expert guidance to help you run more efficiently and reduce your injury risk.

My coaching focusses on developing good movement patterns, strength and mobility.

I aim to help you unlock your potential whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting your running journey.

Session are £50/hour.

Contact me to discuss your individual requirements.


Coached Running Sessions

Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Strength training is important but is often a confusing area for runners.  As a personal trainer and sports conditioning coach, I can provide customised strength and conditioning sessions designed to reduce your risk of injury and enhance your endurance, speed and overall performance.  Through targeted exercises and expert guidance, I will help you build the strength needed to support proper running form.

Whether you are looking to overcome injuries or prepare for you next big race, I can offer 1-2-1 coaching tailored to your individual needs.

Session are £40/hr with discounts available for block bookings.

Contact me to discuss your individual requirements.


Strength and Conditioning app

 I have also developed a strength & conditioning for runners app to compliment your running and take the guesswork out of what you should be doing.

My app includes workouts and weekly on demand classes that you can do at home with basic equipment or in the gym.  There are also mobility workouts, pre run warm ups and drills.


My app is a progressive web app so no need need to visit the app/google store, you can sign up below.

New workouts and classes are being added regularly.


Just some feedback about your app. I’m really enjoying it. I’ve actually cancelled my les mills subscription as find your work outs more relevant to running.



“Had a gait analysis session yesterday with Liz. My running pattern ticks the boxes for increased injury, hence a pulled hamstring! 

I now have the advice I need to help me change my gait for some efficient injury free running. Here’s to a speedy 2021. So if you’re suffering persistent running niggles this is well worth doing! 

Thanks Liz.”

- Jenny Howland

“I have just finished a 6 week running techniques course with Liz, and I was actually amazed at the difference in the way I run within such a short time. I Would definitely recommend Liz for some coaching…I for sure will be continuing to work with Liz to see what else I can learn. Thank you again!”

- Carly Crust

“Awesome work from Liz helping me with my running form over the last like 6 weeks. I used to run like I was on a tight rope, always clipping my own feet and legs, upper body throwing me off.  Liz has helped me tremendously virtually eliminate my crossover gait, reducing my hip drop and stopping my arms swinging across throwing me off.  Recently my runs have felt a lot more comfortable, even on the hills driving more with my legs.”

- Alec Martin

“Thank you so much Liz. You have been brilliant and very patient! Looking forward to continuing my training!”

- Julie Manning

“Have just completed 6 weeks of 1:1 training with Liz to improve my running techniques. Wasn’t sure what to expect or how it would change my running but am very impressed with the advice and support she has provided me throughout. From warm up exercises, stretching, co-ordination and techniques of running, it has all come together to make me lighter, faster and more comfortable on my feet. I cannot thank you enough for the quality of the instruction, support and advice that you have provided over the course and the results that I have achieved as a result. 

Thoroughly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their technique, feel better, stronger and/or faster when running. Still putting into practice what I have learnt but am already seeing great results!”

- Mick Diddams

Liz Weeks Running Specialist

A:  Charing, Kent

T: 07786 731555


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