Liz has continued to be very personable and professional from the start. From our initial consultation with her about our plans to run a 50 mile ultra in middle age, throughout our training.
She has crafted our training programmes to suit our goals, lifestyles and abilities. With regular chats, if needed, she has reassured us, answered questions about fueling, fitness, aches and pains, all sorts.
The software Liz uses is very convenient, with videos to show us whenever we want the exercises she has for us. This is great as it doesn’t matter if you’re home late from work, it is always to hand. I can also see what she has in store for the next week!
Having the accountability was one thing I initially thought I needed to have, but not now. I’m in the flow of training. I know she is there analysing the data and reading my comments. I know she isn’t giving me something I cannot do, which would demoralise me. The increase in training has been steady and not a shock to my body or brain.
I’m actually enjoying training, which I did not think I would ever say!
I have never felt that, although not your archetypal athlete (in my mind), that I wasn’t worth giving time, effort and sound advise to.